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Welcome to Paolo Marchetti Interiors, the bespoke fitted furniture specialists.

If you have been searching for high quality modern fitted furniture, congratulations, you have come to the right place!Paolo Marchetti designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of bespoke contemporary furniture – mostly in and around a 50 mile radius of London, but we often help out across the UK too.

Welcome to Paolo Marchetti Interiors - Bespoke Fitted Furniture Specialists of the UK!

Whether you are looking to update your home or set up an interior from scratch, furniture is the centerpiece of any house or flat. The advantages of our bespoke furniture are evident - you can have your unique design made-to-size and fitted to maximize your convenience and usable space. The furniture store in London, Paolo Marchetti Interiors showcase samples of materials, finishes and colours, as well an exposition of furniture items and sets to get a feel for our products and collections. Book a free online furniture consultation to learn more about vast possibilities offered by our furniture ranges and the advantages of Paolo Marchetti Interiors!

Modern Furniture - Bespoke Furniture

Guarantee yourself perfect furnitures! With our bespoke approach we offer you unique opportunity to get the best of UK furniture - you can outfit any corner of your home with a broad variety of modern furniture made with our huge selection of contemporary materials, bespoke finishes, modern colours and clever fixtures & fittings to suit every taste, budget and style. Furthermore, you can browse our online catalogues and start to build your very own interior with our bespoke modern furniture sets...

Furniture Sets

When you shop for furniture it is important to preserve integrity in your current interior. Many stores in the UK offer furniture sets, but only we at Paolo Marchetti UK can make an original furniture set, or produce built-in furniture to match your exact requirements. The ranges of our bespoke fitted furniture include - storage sets, wardrobes, TV and media unit sets, home offices, master, child and guest bedrooms.

UK Furniture

Modern UK furniture is gaining popularity all over the UK, especially that which is built-in to save space - and money. UK-based modern stores cut the middleman and provide more affordable solutions. Moreover, we offer bespoke furniture in the UK, which means that you can choose materials and fittings to match your budget - most components of our bespoke fitted furniture can be made of different materials at various price levels.

Buy Furniture

We can provide you with the best bespoke contemporary furniture. UK modern furniture shops and the UK online market can seldom provide a 15-year guarantee on all products - yet we can! You can rest assured that your interior is up and set for over a decade.

Order or view our free brochure online, book a free design visit, visit our London Showrooms - or get a taste for our exclusive materials, finishes and fittings now!